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Private Coaching


Highly skilled coach at your fingertips; without the hassle of scheduling or location.


One-on-One Sessions in Miami, FL 

Either way

Work one-on-one with a Breakout PPT coach to ensure you are getting the most out of your training. Your coach will:

  • Check-in to hold you accountable.

  • Create personalized workouts that fit your schedule.

  • Include training paces for your workouts.

  • Analyze progress & make adjustments to address your needs.

  • Answer training questions and provide solutions.

All workouts are customized based on your running history and goals. ​​​Trainees are eligible for 50% off strength programs to give their training an extra kick. 


Online Private Coach

Personalized training programs

Weekly phone consult (up to 15min/session)

Unlimited email*/text comms. with your coach


*Allow 1-2 business days for response

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In-Person Private Coach

Miami, FL Residents/Visitors

1-on-1 Session (60 min)

Scheduling call made after purchase


*Allow 1 business day for response

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