1. Physical Therapy:  One-on-One rehabilitation sessions with our Doctor of Physical Therapy. Evidence based exercise and manual techniques to ensure speedy recovery. ($65-$85 - 1 hour)

2. Performance Therapy:  Hone your mechanics to provide a boost to your performance and reduce risk of injury. ($65 - 45min)

3. Recovery/Mobility Session: Bounce back from tough training sessions or unwind before the big day with a relaxing session focused on helping your body feel refreshed. ($35 - 30min)

4. Online Coaching: Sports performance or general fitness conquer your training goals with guidance and individualized programs from our expert coaches. 


Blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy: Partial blood occlusion applied to the exercising limb to induce significant strength, hypertrophy and endurance changes. Ideal for variety of scenarios as the decreased resistance loads provide added allow decreased training strain on joints.

IASTM/Scrapping Tools:  Soft tissue mobilization techniques facilitate increased blood flow, muscle tone changes, and increases in ROM. Can also help in potential breakout down of scar-tissue / fascia / calcification.

Kinesio Taping: Increases body awareness to promote body and aids bodies natural healing ability. 

Cupping: Negative pressure draws nutrient rich blood to muscles in need. Can also help with with adhesion breakdown. 

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Leg Boots:  Compression aimed at facilitating circulation for decrease of swelling and increased muscle recovery.

NMES: Electrical stimulation above motor threshold used to recruit low-participating muscle fibers. 


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